University of Toronto graduation ceremonies set to begin as campus protests continue - Toronto |

graduation University of Toronto Despite facing legal action, the pro-Palestinian encampment remains on campus, with students set to begin classes today.

More than 30 graduation ceremonies will be held as of June 21, and the university said all events will proceed as planned with extra precautions in place.

The university sought an emergency court injunction to clear the encampment before graduation ceremonies, but the presiding judge said a hearing could not be held until June 19 at the earliest to give protesters a fair chance to respond.

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The delay means most graduates and their families attending the ceremony on the downtown campus will likely walk through the fenced-off encampment, and the university has expressed concerns about potential disruptions.

But protesters said they did not think their presence would disrupt graduation ceremonies and were determined to stay until the university met its demands to divest from companies that profited from Israel’s offensive on Gaza.

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Several prominent Jewish organizations that plan to seek intervenor status in court proceedings related to the ban have expressed opposition to the protest and are planning a press conference near campus this morning.

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