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Not like her Seinfeld supporting role, Julia Louis-Dreyfus I don't think there is anything wrong with political correctness.

in a New report from The New York TimesThe 63-year-old actor was asked Jerry Seinfeld Being blunt about the flaws in comedy writing in today’s culture.

In April, Seinfeld told The New Yorker radio show that television shows are no longer funny because “Computer garbage” and “extreme left.” He said the reason sitcoms today fail to make people laugh is because comedy writers and creators are too worried about offending their audiences.

However, Louis-Dreyfus said she often sees complaints about political correctness in comedy, which she considers “red flag

“If you look back at comedy and drama from 30 years ago with today's eyes, you might find that some parts are outdated,” she explained. “I think being sensitive to sensitive issues is not a bad thing. It doesn't mean that all comedy will disappear because of this.”

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In a new episode of The New Yorker Radio Hour, Jerry Seinfeld talks with David Remnick about his new film about the history of Pop-Tarts, changing comedy norms, and his 70th birthday. Click the link in our intro to hear their full conversation. #JerrySinfield #thaw #podtok

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“When I hear people start complaining about political correctness — I understand why people might be against it — but to me it's a red flag because it sometimes means something else,” she continued. “I believe being aware of certain sensitivities is not a bad thing. I don't know how else to put it.”

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A few days later, when Louis-Dreyfus spoke again with the New York Times interviewer, vice-president The actor clarified her comments on political correctness.

“My feeling about all this is that political correctness, as long as it equates to tolerance, is obviously wonderful,” she said. “Of course, I reserve the right to boo anyone who offends me, while also respecting their right to free speech.”

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Louis-Dreyfus said the “bigger problem” in the entertainment industry is not political correctness but the “consolidation of money and power.”

The siloing of production studios, streaming platforms and distributors could stifle creative voices and threaten the arts as a whole, she said.

Partly for this reason, Louis-Dreyfus said she doesn't think Seinfeld These shows can’t be aired on television today because it’s so hard to get support for new, original TV ideas.

“when Seinfeld “When we were making it, it really wasn’t like any other event at the time. It was just a bunch of losers hanging out,” she recalls. “Especially now, everyone’s a little scared.”

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Louis-Dreyfus said she was “not in a position to judge” whether comedy is better today, especially because comedians are more cautious and worried about how their jokes will be received. She simply said modern comedy and drama writers have to create their art through a different “perspective” than they did decades ago.

In an April interview, Seinfeld admitted that making Seinfeld Things would be very different today. He cited some of the sharp jokes, especially an episode in which Kramer hires a group of homeless people to pull a rickshaw through the city, as Seinfeld Today, such content is banned on television.

Seinfeld's take on political correctness has been both praised and despised, a trend that has continued during the media campaign for his directorial debut. No frost, About the origins of Pop-Tart.

In May, the 70-year-old actor said he missed “Male Dominance” and the “agreed hierarchy” that existed decades ago.

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