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this mayor of Harrison Hot Springs He resigned after months of inaction by the community's municipal council.

The mayor posted a message on the city government website. Ed Wood Said his resignation would be effective at the end of the day on Monday.

“I would like to personally thank the company's president and chief financial officer for their professionalism during our time together and for the integrity, respect and accountability that I firmly believe in,” Wood wrote in a brief message.

“It’s been a privilege for the public to serve as mayor.”

The message did not reveal the reason for Wood's resignation.

However, the mayor has been battling some members of the city council in this Fraser Valley city of 1,900 residents for months.

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In November, the provincial government appointed a special adviser to try to address infighting in parliament, but despite their advice, some parliamentary meetings have degenerated into brawls.

In April this year, Wood claimed he faced a “coup” from lawmakers opposed to his agenda.

It's unclear when the city will hold a byelection to replace Wood.

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