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The Supreme Court chief justice warned of the risks for elected officials who respond to: The Court’s Decision without first reading the ruling itself.

Richard Wagner made the call during his annual news conference on the work of the Supreme Court and other matters related to the Supreme Court. Judicial administration.

Wagner said he was concerned about the spread of false information about the court's decision and criticism from politicians of a ruling based in part on the judge's ruling.

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He pointed to a March ruling in a sexual assault case in which the phrase “people with vaginas” had been used.

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Some columnists harshly criticized the wording, and Quebec lawmakers unanimously passed a motion condemning the ruling, claiming it sought to render women invisible and stressing the importance of using the word “women.”

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But the ruling itself did use the word “women” several times, and the Quebec Liberals said after the vote that they regretted agreeing to the motion.

Wagner said today in French that if those commenting on the widely reported parts of the ruling had read it themselves, they would understand that the Supreme Court “never wished to devalue the concept of womanhood.”

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