Blackfoot headdress returns to Siksika First Nation in Alberta |

A British museum is returning a ceremonial headdress to the First Nation in Alberta where it came from.

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, England, will return the 'Bison Woman' headdress to Sikahika Blackfoot First Nations Wednesday during a ceremony at the museum.

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The Alberta and Saskatchewan headdresses were carved from the headdress that the museum acquired in 1920 from former Northwest Territories Governor Edgar Dewdney.

It is unclear how Dewdney acquired the headdress, which is made from buffalo horn, bird feathers and porcupine quills and decorated with red cloth and brass bells.

Research has shown that the headdress is a sacred ceremonial object that was traditionally worn by a member of the Blackfoot Sacred Buffalo Women’s Society.

The museum has previously returned Indigenous artifacts, including clothing and insignia once owned by prominent Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot in 2022.

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