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With warm weekends just around the corner and more warmth on the way this summer, BC Wildfire Service Issue again Fire Safety A message to outdoor enthusiasts.

For now, campfires are still allowed across British Columbia, but as always this summer, that will change as temperatures rise.

“We just want to encourage people to be careful,” said Mikhail Elsay, wildfire information officer.

“Keep campfires small and make sure they have the proper water tools on hand in case anything happens.”

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Recent rains have slightly reduced the fire risk in the Okanagan. On the fire danger scale, much of the region is rated low (2 out of 5), but some places are listed as moderate (3 out of 5).

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“For the Okanagan, the danger has obviously decreased a bit because of the recent rains,” Elsay said.

However, Environment Canada predicts sunny skies over the weekend with temperatures ranging from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius in the region.

“If the weather continues to be hot and dry, we expect the risk of disasters to increase over the weekend and into next week,” Elsay said.

In related news, BC Wildfire says it has revamped its wildfire app.

The app is one of several ways residents can notify fire officials of potential wildfires.

“You can report a fire and you can include photos, which is very helpful for operators to make an informed response decision,” Elsay said.

“It also provides up-to-date information on all of the fires currently burning in the province. So we encourage people to download it and use it for the foreseeable future.”

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