Pineapple Upside Down Cake made with Archana's Kitchen Eggless Rich Vanilla Cake Mix

this Pineapple Flip Cake It's an absolutely delicious cake, with the rich flavor of vanilla cake mix and moist, juicy pineapple.this cake mix Made from whole grains such as jowar, barley and whole wheat flour, it's rich in protein, minerals and fibre, but has all the richness and flavor of a traditional vanilla cake.

What’s more, you can bake this cake mix inside pressure cooker,A microwave convection oven or a OTG.The best part is that it is Eggless/Eggless You only need two extra ingredients i.e. homemade dahi/curd/or store bought dahi and oil.

So go ahead and bake cakes with this Pineapple Flip Cakecut a slice for yourself or family and friends and serve as a dessert or snack with a glass of milk, coffee or chai.

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