Mangalore is a quaint city in Karnataka that is home to delicious food. The food gets its flavor from mustard seeds and fried red chillies. Sesame seeds, tamarind, yogurt and fresh coconut also add unique flavor to it. As a port city, fish is their staple food, and the cuisine is also influenced by Portugal. Vegetables like chicken drumsticks, okra, pumpkin, yams are again making an appearance in Mangalorean cuisine.

The flavors and ingredients used in their dishes ensure that their food is unique and stands out from the rest. Mangalorean food is usually spicy and uses jaggery instead of sugar in its sweet delicacies.

We have compiled a list of lip-smacking curries from Mangalore cuisine.Try these traditional Mangalorean curries and serve them with hot food steamed rice or parota Lunch or dinner, ending with one serving Semiya Payasam Enjoy a healthy South Indian meal.

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