Chocolate barfi is milky, chocolatey (of course), and spiced with cardamom. An Indian dessert with flavors that are both sophisticated and classic, making it popular with adults and kids alike! The main part? This recipe is quick and easy to make and calls for only a few ingredients.

Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)

Chocolate barfi

It's the festive season, and Diwali is just around the corner! I recently shared a recipe for Aam Kalakand on the blog, and now I am sharing a recipe that I have been working on for several Diwali seasons. It wasn't quite right…until now. Introducing… the easiest and dare I say, the best… Chocolate Barfi!

Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)

This Indian chocolate fudge doesn't taste like… well, original fudge (For which I have a wonderful recipe). Now don't come after me, but… traditional fudge is good and all; It's just one note too. But this Indian chocolate barfi is on a different level and has a lot more depth of flavor: it's chocolatey, milky and has a hint of cardamom. It's a completely different texture to fudge – this chocolate barfi is more crumbly and dry in texture (as it should be) rather than moist and soft.

Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)

This is a twist on the more traditional chocolate barfi, which usually consists of two layers – a white milk layer and then a chocolate layer on top. Instead of fussing over layers – I made a whole chocolate barfi, which is not only easier to make but also has more chocolate flavor, which is what you want when you're eating choco barfi. You still get that milky taste – thanks to the milk powder.

Chocolate Barfi Ingredients:

Chocolate barfi ingredientsChocolate barfi ingredients
  • Dry milk powder
  • Cocoa powder
  • sugar
  • ghee: Room temperature, solid or liquid is fine
  • Cardamom: Fresh soil!
  • Mini chocolate chips: or topping of choice.


Is this a traditional recipe for chocolate barfi?

As I mentioned above, the chocolate barfi you find at a sweet shop or Indian grocery store is probably going to be a two-toned layered barfi. A milky white layer on the bottom and a chocolate layer on top. You can technically build it if you want by building mine first Milk ice cream Recipe and then make this chocolate barfi and pour cold milk over the barfi to set. I've tried it, and it's good, but this simple chocolate barfi is easy to make and has the desired chocolate flavor. (Even if you decide to go with the two-toned option, remember to use a large pan to set the barfi so that it doesn't get too thick).

So yes, my preference is to keep things simple with a full chocolate barfi. I think it's more interesting for kids. This is a huge hit in our house – my most popular barfi among my little boys (sorry, “big boys” according to them). I once made this to go along with a batch of brownies and my 3 year old only wanted the barfi.

What can I add to chocolate barfi?

I love using mini chocolate chips! But I bet the mini M&Ms would be really cute. I might try that for Christmas. Almonds are also a popular choice for barfi. Mix your favorite toppings in the barfi batter if you want!

Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)

How do I store and eat chocolate barfi?

I store the chocolate barfi in an air-tight container on the counter for a week. But you can also store it in the fridge. If I want to store it for a while, I put it in the freezer. Be sure to bring it to room temperature before eating.

Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)

Enjoy this barfi! Let me know what you think about it! 🙂

Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)Chocolate Barfi (Indian Chocolate Fudge)

More barfi recipes:

  • Add sugar and water to the bowl and mix well.

  • Secure the lid, close the pressure valve and cook on high pressure for 11 minutes.

  • Quick release pressure.

  • Add ghee, dry milk powder, cocoa powder and cardamom to the bowl and mix quickly until well combined. You may want to wear a glove to hold the hot pot as you stir – you have to be quick!

  • Pour the mixture into a parchment-lined 8×8 pan/dish (you'll need a spatula to get the mixture out of the pan and into the pan). Shake the pan gently to spread the mixture evenly.

  • Sprinkle in the mini chocolate chips and shake the pan gently so they stick.

  • Let the chocolate barfi cool on a wire rack for 25 to 30 minutes, then refrigerate for 2 hours to set.

  • Remove the cooled fudge, and slice it into medium-sized squares (I slice 5 by 5 and trim off any uneven edges). Then place the individual pieces on a plate. If you eat the mithai at this point, it will be soft and fuzzy (my husband loves it!) To give it a barfi-like flavor, you want to let the cut pieces dry for 6 to 8 hours (or overnight) at room temperature. This completely changes the texture of the barfi so that it tastes like barfi and not fudge.

  • Once dry, you can store this barfi on the counter for up to a week. I like to eat this dessert at room temperature (so if you store in the fridge, be sure to bring it to room temperature before eating).

  • For step 4, you can mix the dry ingredients together (dry milk powder, cocoa powder, cardamom) but remember to keep the ghee in a separate bowl!
  • When this barfi cools, it becomes shiny. You need to give it 6-8 hours to dry – then it will change to a matte look and turn into a thick barfi.
  • Fresh cardamom powder is much more aromatic and flavorful than store-bought. I recommend grinding your own for this recipe (and any Indian dessert recipe). Remove the inner green pods and black seeds and grind them yourself. I like this electric spice grinder if you are looking for a recommendation.
  • Important! All recipes on my blog have been tested using a 6-quart Instant Pot – I have not tested this recipe in a different size pot. I don't know if this recipe will work in 3 quarts or 8 quarts because the surface area is different and will affect the temperature of the sugar syrup. I recommend using only a 6 quart for this recipe.
  • Double Do Recipe: Please do not double/triple this recipe or any other Instant Pot dessert recipe on my blog. A dessert or anything made with sugar syrup can be delicious in an instant pot. I have only tested this recipe as written.

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